RO Containers

RO Containers

Custom RO Containers: Sustainable Solutions for Bulk Material Transportation

In recent years, the variety of roll-off container assemblies has expanded, driven by specific usage scenarios. Trusted by clients around the world as one of the most reliable shipping container conversion companies in Dubai, CONTAINER HUB has consistently met client expectations by delivering high-quality, customized RO containers.

A roll-on, roll-off container offers a safe and efficient solution for disposing of large quantities of general and bulky materials, including construction waste and heavy scrap that may be impractical to transport using other methods. They are ideal for transporting large and bulky construction waste, light general waste, soil and solids,
household waste, and inert waste. These containers are well-suited for use in recycling and waste management facilities, thanks to their durability and portability.
Once filled, a shipping container can be easily transported by road for proper disposal.

Convert brand new or used shipping containers into RO containers that provide a balance between quality, custom features, and affordability. Despite reasonable competition, our shipping container conversions are in-demand, due to their high utility value and the quality of our workshop processing. Based on your specific purpose and intensity of use, we can recommend a suitable design that meets all your requirements.

CONTAINER HUB in Dubai, UAE also provides locks to secure your waste and protect valuable items, such as valuable metals or flammable materials. We utilize high-strength steels and abrasion-resistant sheets in our container modifications to ensure durability and longevity. On your end, we strongly encourage you to ensure compliance with standards for hazardous and heavy waste disposal.  

Get in touch with us to build your RO container that withstands the test of time and technology.