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Space-Saving Made Easy: Flat Pack Containers from CONTAINER HUB

Discover the innovation and convenience of flat pack containers offered by CONTAINER HUB. Our new and used flat Rack containers for sale are made from 20-gauge galvanized steel, making them not only strong and weatherproof but also boasting rust free joints, ensuring longevity and reliable protection for your valuable items.

When it comes to ease of transportation, our flat Rack shipping containers for sale outperform our competitors. Equipped with forklift skids and lifting lugs, they can be effortlessly moved using forks or cranes and easily positioned wherever needed. With space being a premium in many settings, you’ll appreciate their ability to stack to up to 4 units, making them the perfect solution for tight spaces.

At CONTAINER HUB, customization is at your fingertips. Choose from multiple colors and various floor plans to fit your specific requirements. Our new and second-hand flat Rack storage containers are quick to assemble, eliminating the need for a permanent foundation and allowing for rapid deployment in any location.

The flexibility of our flat pack containers extends even further. You can link units side to side or end to end, providing additional space and tailored layouts to suit your needs. Doors and windows can be fitted anywhere, making it easy to adapt the container to your desired use. Moreover, flat pack containers present an opportunity to adopt sustainable practices into your business model. Their reusability and
minimal waste contribute to a greener environment, reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Speaking of uses, the possibilities are endless. From work sites and sheds to secure storage for bikes, motorbikes, and furnishings, our flat Rack containers for sale cater to a wide range of needs. They are also excellent for paperwork storage, temporary ticket booths, pop-up shops, outdoor events, festivals, or sporting events. Furthermore, their versatility extends to chemical storage units, office (home or
onsite), or exercise rooms.

Our flat Rack shipping containers for sale are the ideal option for an outdoor work site. They feature OSB strand board flooring treated for moisture and insect resistance, guaranteeing a safe environment for your stored goods. Unlike traditional shipping containers, our flat pack containers are a lot better at preventing moisture build-up, protecting your belongings from potential damage caused by humidity and

With 8 years of experience in the container industry, CONTAINER HUB offers reliable service, timely delivery, and expert assistance throughout the process to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


Invest in our flat pack containers today and experience the convenience, durability, and space-saving benefits they offer. Contact us now to explore the possibilities and transform your storage experience with flat pack containers from CONTAINER HUB.