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Our freight containers undergo strict and standard inspections at every stage to ensure their eligibility for cargo and shipping under the IICL guidelines. It goes without saying that our customers are invaluable to our success as the leading container company in Dubai.

Container Hub has set itself apart from other players in the field by consistently delivering quality and timely service to our customers. Providing service with utmost excellence is our top priority.
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In this fast-paced world, we offer a fresh perspective on the growing business of container trading. Container Hub is a premier shipping container trading company in Dubai. We are also a highly sought-after container conversion company in Dubai, specializing in modifying containers for various applications such as container homes, restaurants, retail outlets, and office spaces, among others. Additionally, we provide storage and repair services to meet your container depot needs.

Container Trading

Our agency can only be as strong as our people & because of this, our team have designed game changing products.
Intime is a design studio founded in London. Nowadays, we’ve grown and expanded our services, and have become a multinational firm, offering a variety of services and solutions Worldwide.

Container Depot

Looking for a secure storage solution for your cargo container in Dubai? Our state-ofthe-art depot provides a modern and spacious facility

 Strategically located near the main port in the UAE, your containers can be easily delivered and collected, significantly minimizing your transportation costs.

Container Conversion.

You’ve made the cost-effective and durable choice to transform shipping containers into functional spaces. 

 Now, it’s time to partner with the leading shipping container conversion and modification company in Dubai to create truly unique and versatile units. Whether you’re looking for a container home, an innovative office space, or a trendy retail outlet, you can rely on us.

Our approach stands out as a key factor in our competitiveness within the global container trading market.
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Annual Progression

Exploring Shipping Containers: A Showcase of Versatility

Discover the boundless possibilities of shipping containers. From trendy urban cafes to sustainable housing solutions, explore how these versatile units are reshaping industries worldwide.

Modular Workspaces

Illustrate how shipping containers are effortlessly converted into mobile offices, pop-up shops, and coworking spaces, providing flexible solutions for modern businesses.

Off-Grid Living

Showcase the adaptability of shipping containers as off-grid homes and retreats, demonstrating their potential for sustainable living in remote or environmentally sensitive areas.
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