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From Concept to Creation: Container Conversion Solutions

Being incredibly durable, cargo shipping containers are the perfect choice for
harsh environmental conditions and locations where safety is paramount. They can also be interconnected to create larger, more secure units. The versatility of a
freight container allows for complete customization, catering to even the most
specific customer requirements.

Recent times have witnessed a significant surge in demand for both second hand
and brand new shipping containers, resulting in substantial sales and rental
figures. Wondering why? Aside from the aforementioned advantages, containers can also be converted into functional spaces. Transform your brand new or used
shipping containers
into cabins, electrical rooms, portable offices, resting units, or cost-effective lodging accommodations.

Container Hub, based in Dubai, maximizes the potential of each design through
highly innovative container modification approaches. From structural modifications that push boundaries to creative interior design solutions, rely on our in-house team of design and engineering specialists to deliver design solutions with technical drawings and specifications based on customer requirements. Our dedicated experts work closely with you to fully understand your vision, requirements, and project timeline to provide cost effective design solutions with shipping containers.

What sets us apart from other shipping container conversion companies is our turnkey solution approach. Container Hub is with you every step of the way, from conceptual development to final completion. While you focus on your core business, we meticulously handle the finer details of shipping container conversions, including compliance with local building regulations, adherence to safety standards, weatherproofing, insulation, plumbing, electrical wiring, and more.

Maintaining transparent communication throughout the project, we keep you
informed about project stages and milestones. Our reputation as a premium
container conversion company in Dubai has been earned through our ability to complete projects within the shortest possible time frames.

With Container Hub, the possibilities for container conversion are endless. Our expertise allows us to transform units of any size, whether it’s a 10ft, 20ft, or 40ft container, and any type, including standard, reefer, offshore, flat pack, or open top containers. Rest assured that your container conversion is in capable hands, as we are an industry leader certified by reputable third-party agencies such as BV and

Take the first step towards your container transformation journey and contact us today for a free consultation.

Our Container Conversion And Modification Solutions Include (not limited to)

images (2)

Transformer Rooms

electronic control panel

Offshore Control Rooms


Site Offices




Mobile Workshops/tool rooms/stores

Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants

images (3)

Any other customised units


How do we modify the container to make perfect designs?

The Container Hub Advantage: Why We are The Best Choice

Custom made

As the leading container conversion company in Dubai, we bring to the table innovative design concepts, meticulous craftsmanship, and a deep understanding of ergonomic principles to create timeless and functional custom designs that stand the test of time

Extremely durable

To ensure the long-term performance of our modified freight container units, Container Hub prioritizes the use of high-quality industrial strength materials. Our skilled craftsmen and construction team diligently employ best practices and proper construction techniques to maintain structural integrity. Thorough inspections are carried out throughout and after the conversion process to ensure strict adherence to the required standards and specifications.

Fast Installation

With 8 years of experience as a reputable container company in Dubai, Container Hub has refined its processes to optimize project completion time, resulting in a remarkable track record of 100% on-time project delivery. We also offer a fast-track option for clients who require expedited project completion.

Easily portable

Our custom-made containers are designed and modified with easy portability in mind. The converted shipping container may be equipped with corner castings, detachable components or towing systems to allow easy loading and transportation.